The pioneer figure in the field of literature with the true qualification in it. Qualification in the sense who pioneered the subject as a whole with its quality in depth. Rose up from a backward village of Rajasthan with high intensity and potency, today a pioneer in the field of literature.

Dream of joining Defence forces being an NCC candidate but ended up being the true guide and lecturer in literature. Speaking in English was a passion that he decided to engage himself so much in literature that today he being not only a great orator but also a famous guide cum lecturer and an entrepreneur among youths of literature, whether be it English or any other literature.

He followed his passion and passion moulded his mission to learn English, to speak English fluently to a wider space in the nation.

Well under the influence of his father he decided to appear for NET in English Literature. But he consideration was NET is something not his cup of tea though it’s his taste. But things changed when he was influenced by some professors in Delhi and after a few classes he curiosity of the stories of history and texts started increasing rapidly inside his mind which gave another shape to his life as a master figure in literature.

His curiosity and eagerness to learn literature made him thrown out of his Delhi based classes and that made him take an oath to be the strongest pillar not in English but in literature as a whole. This ornamented his life opportunities.

Passion became a mission that enraged his curiosity which shaped his life of literature and eagerness being the ornamentation of his achievements.

8 time NET , 2 times JRF and 17 times SET/SLET qualified