As per National Test Agency (NTA) mode of Examination with the updated syllabus of
NTA NET JRF 2019 will be Computer Based Test (CBT) where the date of registration will start from 1st of March till 30th of March 2019.

Downloading of admit cards for the CBT Examination UGC/ NTA NET JRF will be available on the official website of UGC NET ( ) on 15th of May 2019. Date of examination will be held on the following dates as per allotted by the NTA in the respective admit cards – 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th June 2019. Date of announcing results will be declared on the official website of UGC NET ( ) by 9th of July 2019

(It will be much convincing if the scholars register themselves before 20th of March so to get rid of the commotion of network issues and failure in registering)

Pattern of questions as per CBT

Questions as per CBT will be displayed per page per question with the options in the same page together with the respected question. There is also possibility to make correction with your answers by clicking on the question number towards your extreme top right on the screen of the computer that you want to make changes as many times as you want but within the allotted time.

The only con part is the comprehension part where you may have problem as you have to scroll up and down and sideways while going through. Questions of comprehension is again asked per page per question which is again another time taking part as you have to go back to the passage page after every now and then to search for the correct option.

There is possibility to go to and fro your answers and check them as per your convenience. After completion of your CBT, submit your paper to NTA by clicking on the SUBMIT button before the allotted time or it will get submitted by its own during the allotted time. Make sure you complete your paper and with the corrections before the given time.


  1. Time duration for paper 1 – 1 hour
  2. Time duration for paper 2 – 2 hours