Paper 2 is the litmus test of ones subject knowledge in NTA UGC NET/JRF. The score in this paper 2 demonstrates your knowledge base. There are number of time-tested methods to score in paper 2. One of them is to have a thorough knowledge about the graduation and post-graduation syllabus.

But this technique could only provide a bird’s eye view of the entire syllabus as any question from minute to important topic could be asked for the test. At the same time if one goes through the prescribed syllabus in the website, it for sure is unphathomable due to its vastness, this is where Sahitya classes comes for rescue. The online and offline classes that we provide are crisp and to the point.

Another way of tackling this exam is to refer to some literature books that explain the age, contemporary work and writers. William J Long can be a beginner’s guide which can help one cover the basics . David Daiches can be the next book in the list. But the main issue with any literature book is that they are neither updated nor written to cover the needs of a NTA UGC NET/JRF aspirant, they may help you with the ground work but a majority of work still needs to be done by the student.

Internet can be a great source of knowledge and one can find book summary and special write ups regarding the writer and works in websites of Wikipedia, gradesaver and spark notes. There are also paid websites available which serve the purpose. These websites provide a lot of knowledge but to find the diamond in the mine is left to the student. The student may get a lot of information from these websites, but which to choose and reject is left with the students.

Sahitya classes is an online platform which guides the students under the knowledge and expertise of Vineet Pandey who is considered to be the pioneer of English literature NET coaching classes.
Here the students are provided tailor made teaching contents that are totally recommended if one is really serious about clearing the exam