English Literature

“Literature is news that stays news,” says the imagist figure, Ezra Pound. Literature, I believe, is one of the most scrutinised, amazing, inspiring and incredible testimonies to mortals. Literature aids at unlocking the gateway to the treasury of the world. Literature mirrors society. Literature unravels us into distant places, ancient times, other peoples and their different ways of speaking and writing. Literature begs us to analyse, to compare and, most importantly, to question.

This paper is an attempt to explore space and scope of surrounding nature and ecology not only in the literary room but also in existential space of our life as a cosmic man to find a mutual existence of both – the nature and man.

The present paper dives into the reading of the poems of Rabindranath Tagore to explore the treatment of nature in their literary realm. Wordsworth says, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” Poetry is considered as a superior kind of amusement that brings divine enlightenment. Nature stands as an image of mother and teacher to the human beings which provides everything we need and it teaches us the secrets of a better life. It’s each and every activity has certain hidden secrets that human mind and eyes need to read and observe them. It has the power to connect and communicate to us and it does do it from time to time.

It has an unlimited treasure of emotions and feelings. Nature and environment is part and parcel of all living beings in this world. For instance, Tagore writes in ‘Stray Birds’ in stanza 311, “The smell of the west earth in the rain rises like a great change of praise from the voiceless multitude of insignificant.” Only a poet in love with nature could write these lines. Also, in stanza 309 in ‘Stray Birds’, where Tagore writes, “To-night there is a stir among the palm leaves/ a swell in the sea,/ Full Moon, like the heartthrob of the world./ From what unknown sky hast thou carried in/ thy silence the aching secret of love?”

By : Laboni Das

English Literature

This article is focused on first 12 women ever recorded in history of English Literature.

  1. World’s first women writer – Enheduanna, the Akkadian/Sumerian poet.
  2. India’s first women writer to win Man Booker Prize – Arundhati Roy.
  3. First women to publish a book – Anne Bradstreet (book of poems, The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America).
  4. First noted Black American women poet and one of the first women to be published in colonial America – Phillis Wheatley.
  5. The first woman to read law at Oxford / the first Indian national to study at a British university and the first female lawyer in India – Cornelia Sorabji.
  6. Mother of modern African Literature – Flora Nwapa.
  7. First black women to publish fiction in the United States – Harriet E. Wilson.
  8. First African American women to win noble prize for literature – Toni Morrison.
  9. First women to write and put the role of women on stage – Aphra Behn.
  10. First African American woman to have a screenplay made into a movie – Maya Angelou.
  11. First American feminist essayist – Judith Sargent Murray. First American women to create a non-fiction – Mercy Otis Warren.