The honourable UGC in the month of January , 2019 went for a syllabus change or say it just revised its own previous pattern and syllabus and updated it according to the need of the hour where on one hand the exam mode was made to be held in ONLINE format taking the practical approach into consideration while on the other for the very first time the SYLLABUS got a generic approach and overall the syllabus, pattern and the examination mode were defined specifically.

I, Vineet Pandey (8 times NET, 2 JRF and 17 SET) will be providing an insight into everything regarding UGC NTA NET JRF exam in this blog Where the strategy and an open discussion with a healthy mind-set Is welcome and each and every aspirant is asked to leave his or her valuable comments.


The UGC made the first four units subjective as well as objective
including the comprehension parts from different genre from
English Literature by clearly adding the line

“All literatures in English”

And saying that they will test and analyse the critical thinking and writing skills of the aspirants.

Vinit Pandey’s analysis: –

Having made the generic pattern for the first four units and including everything, the UGC has got all the legitimacy to ask the aspirants of UGC NTA NET JRF exam any question. whether it be from the Babri Masjid mosque demolition or Accidental Prime Minister.

2. Unit 5, 6, 7 and 10 are very new topics which have been added as units in which the aspirants are asked to go through the concepts and the theories related to Language and its use along with Cultural Studies and the history, evolution and its future in India.

Vinit Pandey’s analysis: –

Even I Vinit Pandey in my Sahitya Classes, Delhi used to take two to three days to finish Language Theories and the history of English Language but even now Vineet Pandey will also need to go in depth to have these units covered so that I myself can provide quality as per the UGC change.

As far as cultural studies is concerned which is a very recent studies including the every aspect of literature into its Sphere and having multidisciplinary approach has been one of the favourite topics in UGC NTA NET JRF exam.

3. Units 8 and 9 have not got any drastic change still a UGC NTA NET JRF aspirant will have to study everything from Plato to Horace to Thomas More to Walter Pater and even different theories from T S Eliot to Allan Tate.

4. The study of the Research Methods and Materials is to cultivate in aspirants the value of patience and to groom them into future professors with a well maintained background and knowledge.

Though the UGC in its new approach is willing to test not only how much an aspirant can memorize, his or her knowledge but also how an aspirant practically applies what he or she studies and takes it further to bring out a personality for the better and improved future through this exam.

Once again I, VINEET PANDEY (8 Net , 2 Jrf and 17 Set) wish you all the best and hope that may god keep blessing us all with health, happiness and knowledge to prosper so that I can keep guiding you the best for UGC NTA NET JRF and you keep showering me with love and blessings.

Thank you all.
(8 NET, 2 JRF AND 17 SET).