If you feel knowledge is expensive, have you ever been through ignorance

Vineet Pandey– The journey of a boy from a small town to the big city, from not so average student to one of the most celebrated lecturers, from a backward economic stratum to a status in Vasant Kunj , from government buses to the air journeys and the most important from ignorance to knowledge.

But has Vineet Pandey ever been like this? Was having  8 NET, 2 JRF and 17 SET my sole purpose? Was leaving my peaceful country side and settling in the opportunist city of Delhi my passion or compulsion? Did not being able to crack SSB for 5 times make me understand failure and the journey in a better way?

Yes, everything and everyone around built “Vineet Pandey” whether it was any circumstance or a person. The support of my father, the love, and trust of my friends or the deceit and deception of my colleagues. “Vineet Pandey” is the outcome of all the experiences in his life that is why I can sum up Literature in its easiest form yet be a human at the end with a good physical and mental status who feels emotions as all others do. Since, if I don’t do this, I will be doing injustice to my profession. One can cheat with anything in his life but not with his “passion”.

Imparting knowledge, inspiring others with my story or even becoming a star in the field of English Literature have been a life changing experience because it taught me how compulsions can turn into passion when one keeps on working for it with dedication, smartness and hard work and how

“One’s compulsion when turned into passion not only bears fruits for him or herself
But also can throw light on others.”

Having studied in the government schools and colleges of Rajasthan where and when EnglishLiterature was not to be taken seriously and coming from the sociocultural Background of the border area where the life has always been seen through struggle and survival, I understood at a very early age that life was not the bed of roses and learning theoretically was less important than learning practically. Meanwhile the dream to join Army had been there. With the SSB failures in hand and the feeling to get stability for me and my family, coming to Delhi became the turning point and since then I never looked back.

They say fortune favours the brave and being brave in this competitive and opportunist world so that I can turn the wheel of fortune in my favour took a lot of hardships physically, suffocation emotionally, and exertion mentally where on one hand I struggled with a proper ‘guidance’ in the affluent city like Delhi on the other I did not have money to buy food as a result I had to survive on “Maggi”.

Where others suffer to get single NET because of its structure being incapable for a human to grasp and attain completely, “Vineet Pandey” became the pioneer with the certificates to present before the world so that not only my theoretical knowledge but also the practical one can exhibit the mastery I’ve in my field and over my subject where “Vineet Pandey” has the guts to sit before the aspirants even live on YouTube and Facebook.

“I’s ever a fighter so one fight more; the best but not the last till I rest.”

The only one to qualify in the latest pattern, syllabus and in online mode which has definitely had me look things in a better way and now I’m on the mission to bring as many NET qualified achievers as I can so that people can have awareness and good feelings about this exam. Everyone is a star and each story deserves to be told. English as a language should now or never become a hindrance to dream and fulfil one’s dreams and on the top everyone should make a difference in the society by meeting their individual and unique self. I am doing my bit, Are you?

I feel humbled and fortunate enough to be considered a force to reckon with now in the field of English Literature especially NTA NET ENGLISH LITERATURE with the name “VINEET PANDEY”.

I thank everyone because they all have somewhere played a very crucial role in my making.

Every second person on this earth is going to have or want to have the story line as someone else but what separates each of them is the “individuality” which comes from the understanding of survival and struggle. Vineet Pandey has explored his “individuality” on his own and would love to welcome and experience more entities with their individualities and if I become a little part of it, it would be my privilege.

This “success story of Vineet Pandey” is not going to have a full stop here. There are more goals to achieve, more stories to write, more knowledge to impart, more love to give as in the words.

“The ‘success’ is lovely yet dark and deep
But I’ve promises to keep and miles to
Go before I sleep
Before I sleep. ”

Thank You.


Vineet Prabhat Pandey