1. Time for preparation:
The exam is to be conducted in the month of February from 5th onwards till 14th  February 2021, so there is scope of quality of preparation. ( exam date is liable to change due to COVID-19 situation)

2. Two new subjects are introduced: 
The motivation behind GATE 2021 is that that basically any student in their last year of their undergraduate degree course (qualifying degree) can apply for this exam.
The two new subjects are :
(i)  ES (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)
(ii)  XH (Humanities and Social Sciences) in Economic/ English/ Linguistic/ Philosophy/ Psychology/ Sociology.

Now students having these subjects in there undergraduate degree as a discipline can appear for GATE 2021.

3. RELAXED Eligibility criteria:
The criteria for eligibility is relaxed any candidate presently in 3rd or in higher years of Undergraduate degree program or has accomplished government approved degree in Engineering/ Architecture / Science/ Commerce/ Arts is eligible to appear in GATE 2021 Examination.

4.  There is NO age limit.

5. Validity of score card: 
 The score card will be valid from THREE years from the date of declaration of result.

6. GATE Score for employment:
Many PSU use GATE score to shortlist candidates for employment, like BHEL, GAIL, NPCIL and IOL and manyother government organization have expressed their interest to utilize GATE score for employment.

7.  The Master degree imbibes great interest in further scholarly in the field of your interest and the scope of study of research in your subject expands. On the foundation of great score many foreign university like NTU, SINGAPORE offers PhD irrespective of any GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score.

8. One gets scholarly fulfillment of working in their field of interest.

Vineet Pandey Classes the best faculty will teach GATE EXAM 2021 XH-C2 which is English C2 the discipline which comes under XH( Humanities and Social Sciences) it covers 85% marks of paper and GA (General Aptitude) which holds 15% marks of paper.

Vineet Pandey expert faculty for NET/JRF at Vineet PANDEY CLASSES holds 8 times NET , 2 times JRF and 17 times SET , is a prodigy for Subject of ENGLISH literature to gain the best intellectual knowledge with smart work to qualify Gate 2021 join classes at Vineet Pandey Classes.



C2 .1

Multi-genre literatures in English—poetry, the novel and other forms of fiction including the short story, drama, creative non-fiction and fiction prose-with emphasis on long 19th and 20th centuries ( with special audios and private live video lectures on classification of poetry from British to American poetry and quick revision of general poetry . Detailed audio and video lectures on novel and temporal study of novel and its sub genres fiction and non-fiction, short prose writings. And special notes and test series on literary realism of 19th and 20th century)


C2 .2

Especially in a comparative context, Anglophone and in English translation, literatures from India and extending to some degree, the larger Indian subcontinent. (With Important PDF notes on classical Indian literature, special private live lectures and Audio lectures on South-east Asian literature)


Literary criticism and theory; critical and cultural intellectual-traditions and approaches widely referred to and used in the discipline of English.( with PDF notes and Private live lectures and audios ,also Test series on  Afro-American culture ,Hispanic culture, African cultural studies, Studies in Popular culture and  cultural anthropology)


History of English literature and  English Literary studies. (Audios and Private live lectures on Discipline of Generic Studies in English literature including PDF notes also special videos and audios on rhetoric composition and reading theory including detailed PDF notes and test series.)


Research approaches and methodologies, including interpretive techniques responsive to literary forms, devices, concepts and genres ( special notes and Private live lectures  on figurative meaning of the texts, critical study on quantitative study on literature , test series on research approaches and methodologies . Detailed study of linguistic functioning of texts and special audios and private lectures on the same with systematic PDF notes.)