1) The language used by Vineet sir in online audio lectures is very simple and illustrative.

2) Vineet sir made the syllabus of English literature easy to learn with the clarity he gives in his audio, the subject is quiet complex in itself but sir made each topic interesting and easy to grasp.

3) The most important and scoring content has been jotted down by Vineet sir, he has clarity of the most important content needed to qualify the UGC NET EXAM.

4) Video live lecture is very interesting and enthusiastic and gives confidence that we have the knowledge to qualify the National Level Exam, UGC NET in English Literature

5) The test series is totally based on the recorded audios and live lecture classes, and class PDF notes, it covers the pattern of questions being asked in NTA UGC NET EXAM English Literature. Unlike some test series being provided by other platform online that create confusion regarding the topic and make us doubt our own potential in the specific topic. Vineet sir classes test series built a confidence in me.

6) Tough topics like Literary theory, English in India(Indian Literature) and Cultural studies that hold importance not only in UGC NET exam but also further importance in field of research studies, have been made so simple and understanding for us. For instance, English literature is made so easy and a like a language of simpleton can be taught to any naïve or new learner of English Literature by any student of Vineet sir, if the online classes are followed sincerely.

SUMMARY:  The online course is highly relevant and enhances the knowledge of English Literature in depth. The exact points to remember have been highlighted by Vineet sir with their references and as per importance in UGC NET EXAM and for SET (State Eligibility Exam). Live lectures are very interactive and build the confidence with the quiz that helps in memorizing. The test series is highly beneficial and totally based on lectures and questions important for upcoming UGC NET in English. The online course helped in self-assessment of knowledge in literature. And the duration of course is well-structured with proper PDF notes and audios and live lecture, and completed within time frame with full satisfaction and justification to the syllabus of NET exam.



Usually the term gothic has to deal with the “culture” in the Germanic especially of “Goths” tribe aspect during the middle ages but it came into prominence in Britain in preromantic and during the romantic period with the use of the subtitle “ A Gothic story” for the sake of fun by Horace Walpole for The Castle of Otranto(1765) endowing Horace Walpole with the honorific consideration of father.

But the actual standardization of the word “Gothic” can be well traced back in the style of “architecture”.

Gothic Literature has always been an indispensable part and sometimes an extension to term literature in itself thus bringing forth a kind of genre which got reflected back with the elements like mystery of the on-going plot, perplexities of the characters involved and the mystification of everything around with the subtle tint of pre-encoded and encrypted yet authorly decided.

The reader is just asked to have a roller-coaster ride and keep unfolding the layers within layers while going through the reading.

Culturally, Historically and artistically the word “gothic” holds a lot of importance and significance by evoking certain kinds of emotions and suspense in the readers.


  1. Old, Scattered and Dilapidated Villa, Mansion or House.
  2. Suspense and a little romance.
  3. An invisible presence of a character whether psychological, scientific or physical.
  4. The objective correlation of the emotions of the characters with the outside weather.
  5. Anti-hero with antisocial etiquette and characteristics.
  6. Emotional turbulence with an adrenaline rush.
  7. Harbingers and Omens.
  8. The background and the setting of the dejected areas giving the elements of mystery and fear.
  9. Elaborated and sumptuous lexicon.
  10. Spontaneous and Instinctive in nature.
  11. The desire for something mysterious while feeling terror and horror.
  12. Death – a recurring motif and symbol.
  13. Emotions- Depression, Melancholy and Gloomy.


1.THE CASTLE OF OTRANTO(1764), Horace Walpole : –

Originally regarded as the first and foremost gothic novel, the story revolves around an ancient prophecy of ancestors and hierarchy along with the setting of a castle named Strawberry Hills House where the character Manfred treacherously acquires the castle by killing the previous owner and his this act leads to the destruction of his own son Conrad, wife Hippolyta and daughter.

Throughout the story he just tries to keep things in control but the super natural or some outwardly phenomena let the justice be delayed but not denied to the true heir Theodre.

2.FRANKENSTEIN(1818), Marry Shelly :-

Subtitled “The Modern Prometheus” and was written by Mary Shelly when she was just a teenage, the story is thought to be the first of its scientific kind having the gothic elements.

A story within the story and in the epistolary form, Frankenstein deals with “life” of a creature and the hidden scientific experimentation of the character Victor Frankenstein and the desire of Captain Walton which resulted in the gigantic and emotionless creature detrimental to humanity.

3.DRACULA(1897), Bram Stoker : –

The subject of vampire got its place in this book which introduces the character “Count Dracula” looking for his space in the human society with the curse of feeding on blood.

Having the setting of England and Transylvania, the book is replete with letters, newspapers and diary entries giving it an epistolary form and the inner conflict of the character Count Dracula is brought forward when he captures the English lawyer Jonathan Harker just because he gets to know about the deceased wife incarnated as Mina Murray.

4.THE MYSTERIES OF UDOLPHO(1794), Ann Radcliffe : –

The harassed character Emily St. Aubert and the demise of her parents let her be in a destitute state and en estranged relationship with her aunt which made her get into a situation where the wills of others overpowered her own but at the end she returns back to her lover Valancourt.

A simple story but a powerful background and setting with picaresque elements and Udolpho castle.

5.THE MONK(1796), Matthew Gregory Lewis : –

Subtitled “A Romance”, this novel by Lewis is also historical in its context as well and one of the most complex gothic novels because of its characters, sexuality and lust involved.

The notions of anti-Catholicism, gender roles, forbidden sin, and how the ignorance of sexuality can even get a person into a relationship and end up understanding the underneath layer usually kept hidden and undiscovered either in the name of religion, politics or morality.



Thank You.
(8 NET, 2 JRF and 17 SET)


The honourable UGC in the month of January , 2019 went for a syllabus change or say it just revised its own previous pattern and syllabus and updated it according to the need of the hour where on one hand the exam mode was made to be held in ONLINE format taking the practical approach into consideration while on the other for the very first time the SYLLABUS got a generic approach and overall the syllabus, pattern and the examination mode were defined specifically.

I, Vineet Pandey (8 times NET, 2 JRF and 17 SET) will be providing an insight into everything regarding UGC NTA NET JRF exam in this blog Where the strategy and an open discussion with a healthy mind-set Is welcome and each and every aspirant is asked to leave his or her valuable comments.


The UGC made the first four units subjective as well as objective
including the comprehension parts from different genre from
English Literature by clearly adding the line

“All literatures in English”

And saying that they will test and analyse the critical thinking and writing skills of the aspirants.

Vinit Pandey’s analysis: –

Having made the generic pattern for the first four units and including everything, the UGC has got all the legitimacy to ask the aspirants of UGC NTA NET JRF exam any question. whether it be from the Babri Masjid mosque demolition or Accidental Prime Minister.


2. Unit 5, 6, 7 and 10 are very new topics which have been added as units in which the aspirants are asked to go through the concepts and the theories related to Language and its use along with Cultural Studies and the history, evolution and its future in India.

Vinit Pandey’s analysis: –

Even I Vinit Pandey in my Sahitya Classes, Delhi used to take two to three days to finish Language Theories and the history of English Language but even now Vineet Pandey will also need to go in depth to have these units covered so that I myself can provide quality as per the UGC change.

As far as cultural studies is concerned which is a very recent studies including the every aspect of literature into its Sphere and having multidisciplinary approach has been one of the favourite topics in UGC NTA NET JRF exam.

3. Units 8 and 9 have not got any drastic change still a UGC NTA NET JRF aspirant will have to study everything from Plato to Horace to Thomas More to Walter Pater and even different theories from T S Eliot to Allan Tate.

4. The study of the Research Methods and Materials is to cultivate in aspirants the value of patience and to groom them into future professors with a well maintained background and knowledge.

Though the UGC in its new approach is willing to test not only how much an aspirant can memorize, his or her knowledge but also how an aspirant practically applies what he or she studies and takes it further to bring out a personality for the better and improved future through this exam.

Once again I, VINEET PANDEY (8 Net , 2 Jrf and 17 Set) wish you all the best and hope that may god keep blessing us all with health, happiness and knowledge to prosper so that I can keep guiding you the best for UGC NTA NET JRF and you keep showering me with love and blessings.

Thank you all.
(8 NET, 2 JRF AND 17 SET).


Paper 2 is the litmus test of ones subject knowledge in NTA UGC NET/JRF. The score in this paper 2 demonstrates your knowledge base. There are number of time-tested methods to score in paper 2. One of them is to have a thorough knowledge about the graduation and post-graduation syllabus.

But this technique could only provide a bird’s eye view of the entire syllabus as any question from minute to important topic could be asked for the test. At the same time if one goes through the prescribed syllabus in the website, it for sure is unphathomable due to its vastness, this is where Sahitya classes comes for rescue. The online and offline classes that we provide are crisp and to the point.

Another way of tackling this exam is to refer to some literature books that explain the age, contemporary work and writers. William J Long can be a beginner’s guide which can help one cover the basics . David Daiches can be the next book in the list. But the main issue with any literature book is that they are neither updated nor written to cover the needs of a NTA UGC NET/JRF aspirant, they may help you with the ground work but a majority of work still needs to be done by the student.

Internet can be a great source of knowledge and one can find book summary and special write ups regarding the writer and works in websites of Wikipedia, gradesaver and spark notes. There are also paid websites available which serve the purpose. These websites provide a lot of knowledge but to find the diamond in the mine is left to the student. The student may get a lot of information from these websites, but which to choose and reject is left with the students.

Sahitya classes is an online platform which guides the students under the knowledge and expertise of Vineet Pandey who is considered to be the pioneer of English literature NET coaching classes.
Here the students are provided tailor made teaching contents that are totally recommended if one is really serious about clearing the exam


As per National Test Agency (NTA) mode of Examination with the updated syllabus of
NTA NET JRF 2019 will be Computer Based Test (CBT) where the date of registration will start from 1st of March till 30th of March 2019.

Downloading of admit cards for the CBT Examination UGC/ NTA NET JRF will be available on the official website of UGC NET ( www.ugcnetonline.in ) on 15th of May 2019. Date of examination will be held on the following dates as per allotted by the NTA in the respective admit cards – 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th June 2019. Date of announcing results will be declared on the official website of UGC NET ( www.ugcnetonline.in ) by 9th of July 2019

(It will be much convincing if the scholars register themselves before 20th of March so to get rid of the commotion of network issues and failure in registering)

Pattern of questions as per CBT

Questions as per CBT will be displayed per page per question with the options in the same page together with the respected question. There is also possibility to make correction with your answers by clicking on the question number towards your extreme top right on the screen of the computer that you want to make changes as many times as you want but within the allotted time.

The only con part is the comprehension part where you may have problem as you have to scroll up and down and sideways while going through. Questions of comprehension is again asked per page per question which is again another time taking part as you have to go back to the passage page after every now and then to search for the correct option.

There is possibility to go to and fro your answers and check them as per your convenience. After completion of your CBT, submit your paper to NTA by clicking on the SUBMIT button before the allotted time or it will get submitted by its own during the allotted time. Make sure you complete your paper and with the corrections before the given time.


  1. Time duration for paper 1 – 1 hour
  2. Time duration for paper 2 – 2 hours

English Literature, NTA NET/JRF

With the emergence of high competition in JRF/NET, Sahitya class has become a destination for thousands of students from all over India who dream of cracking the NET/JRF exam. There has been a sudden increase in the number of coaching centres in different cities of India, making it the fastest growing huge educational hub.

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English Literature, NTA NET/JRF

With an updated new version of UGC NET JRF syllabus, Sahitya classes also provide a facility for a mock test, weekly test and all the materials as required in the form of hard copies keeping the comfortableness in consideration.

Sahitya classes regularly keep in consideration the every year question papers and exam pattern in their weekly test and mock test. These regular tests are organized to evaluate the performance of the students keeping eye on every student weak point in concern to polish and upgrade which makes Sahitya Classes a premier institute for UGC NET coaching in Delhi in English Literature.

The flexible batches and course material along with highly skilled and experienced faculty members make it the Top coaching institute for UGC NET JRF in English Literature.

Special Insights –

1.Comfortable and hygienic infrastructure

2.Language guidance and financial advice and help for education.

3.Provides facility for shelter and food



Please go through the salient features of the Group.

1. This group will be handled by me only ( I am 8 time NET 2 time JRF and 17 STATES SET/SLET qualified presently working in university of Delhi department of English on ADHOC basis)

2. I am the only faculty who is handling the biggest batch of UGC NET English in INDIA at the leading UGC institute of Delhi.

3. Complete syllabus based on LATEST PATTERN along with FREE 40+ PDF books and various slides and notes.

4. In my group I will explain every topic in detailed way touching important points from exam point of view. Here you will get homework also.

5. Theories will be explained in a easy way. Latest topics including world literature and post colonial terms along with exclusive paper 3 guidance.

6. All the students who will get enrolled in my group will get TEST PAPERS directly after every unit completion.

7. The students who belong the state universities if they find trouble in certain topics I will explain things in hindi language too ( on demand only )

8. Those who can not afford coaching classes and follow incompetent and self acclaimed NET CONSULTANTS will get a direct chance to be in my authentic guidance. They will get my personal guidance too.

9. Dear students I will upload VIDEO LECTURES dealing with literary theories and certain tough topics so that you may follow the right path.


10. Previous years NET & SET Papers will be solved a month before the exam after we complete the syllabus.

Thank you students
Regards ..
Vineet Prabhat Pandey