English Literature

First 12 women record in English Literature

This article is focused on first 12 women ever recorded in history of English Literature.

  1. World’s first women writer – Enheduanna, the Akkadian/Sumerian poet.
  2. India’s first women writer to win Man Booker Prize – Arundhati Roy.
  3. First women to publish a book – Anne Bradstreet (book of poems, The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America).
  4. First noted Black American women poet and one of the first women to be published in colonial America – Phillis Wheatley.
  5. The first woman to read law at Oxford / the first Indian national to study at a British university and the first female lawyer in India – Cornelia Sorabji.
  6. Mother of modern African Literature – Flora Nwapa.
  7. First black women to publish fiction in the United States – Harriet E. Wilson.
  8. First African American women to win noble prize for literature – Toni Morrison.
  9. First women to write and put the role of women on stage – Aphra Behn.
  10. First African American woman to have a screenplay made into a movie – Maya Angelou.
  11. First American feminist essayist – Judith Sargent Murray. First American women to create a non-fiction – Mercy Otis Warren.