Vineet Pandey

How to prepare for UGC/NTA NET in English Literature

The central board of secondary education announces holding of the national eligibility Test for the Assistant Professor or Junior Research- Fellowship in Indian Universities and colleges.
This article will help those students who wants to prepare for the upcoming UGC NET Exam will held on 19th November


UGC NET has its charm among students who want to be lecturer and to be part of Junior Research Fellowship Program. UGC NET is held in more than 80 subjects and NET in English is most tough as compare to other subject.

As English literature is very vast. As we all know that English Literature subject is really very vast and that’s why students should understand one thing that they cannot crack this exam till they have thorough knowledge of the subject.

Students who wants to prepare for UGC NET in English then guys make yourself as nothing worth having comes easy.

No Shortcuts :

There is no shortcut to achieve it. If you want to make it your cup of tea then make a commitment to yourself that there would be challenges in your path but you would clear all those obstacles and make it possible…. Don’t be scared with the toughness of this exam as this is not that much difficult but yes it requires hard work & patience.


Will be common for all candidates. Whereas paper-II and paper-III will cover questions on the main English subject. A common mistake students do is to neglect Paper I Remember if you cannot clear Paper I the latter papers will not be evaluated at all.. so make sure that u give equal importance to paper I

Paper II-

This paper will cover history of English literature… To start your preparation for paper II students need to go in the depth of history of English literature… To prepare for UGC NET in English you will start your preparation from the biritish history and then you will cover literature of all other countries like Russian literature ,Canadian literature ,Indian literature, American literature, African literature etc.

For paper III– For Paper III in English subject you just need to go in depth of the syllabus as this is the most tough paper and you can only clear it if you deep knowledge of subject , concepts and theories….
UGC NET Paper III in English requires a lots of hard work and practice , coupled with proper guidance and some tricky techniques

Paper-III is the most difficult paper if you preparing for UGC NET in English. As sometimes people call it diasaterous but it is not like that. This paper is based on the world literature so this paper check your deep knowledge about each and everything regarding English literature.

Practice as a key to success- Practice has no alternative. The more you go through UGC NET mock tests, the more confidence you grow.

Self confident with a concentrated mind- Guys if you are preparing for UGC NET for English subject then the most important thing which will help you in achieving the desired goal is your self confidence… with your concentrated mind on studies. Believe in yourself and work really vry hard with patience then success would be all yours.