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Sahitya Classes is a torch bearer and guide to those who are aspiring students in their evaluation and practice. We deliver regular 2 to 3 live audio lectures and also personal audio lectures by Prof Vineet Pandey regularly at a fixed time in the evening between 6:00 – 8:00 from Monday to Saturday and important pdfs are given on Sundays.
  1. Detailed 700+ audio lectures and 100+ exclusive videos on the entire syllabus.

  2. 200+ pdfs on important theories chronologically and on 4000 writers as a whole.

  3. Special audios on literary terms, literary criticism and theories, aestheticism, linguistics, exam strategies, time management, smart steps for NET/JRF, motivational lectures and strategies for paper 1.

  4. Discussion of last 10-12 years question papers in detail and references simultaneously (including paper 1).

  5. Weekly online mock test practice papers.

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