NTA UGC NET/SET/JRF English By Vineet Pandey

Dear students there are so many market guide books available for UGC NET English exam but most of these books have been written by the writers who themselves have no idea about the competition Or they themselves have never attempted the exam. Resulting their guidebook becoming merely a compact Book dealing with some basic topics and not providing the complete content to the students. This is the reason that I Vineet Pandey started going through all the net and set papers and tried to understand the recent pattern of exam. I also worked on mphil PhD university level entrance exams and marked out a complete syllabus to work on my book. I have taken references from the authentic books and kept in my mind that it should be completely beneficial to my students from exam point of view. I have also accumulated sources from top level website and my own personal notes which were examined and rewritten in a language which can be understood by students in an easy way. My book will help you to prepare the exam in very easy way pointing out all the important topics and avoiding unnecessary explanations or unnecessary details . this will save your time this will save energy and this will give you ample opportunity to read each and everything important for exam . To sum up I would like to say this is a panacea for all my students who are preparing for English net jrf and will be effective in the exams if focussed properly.
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Pearson NTA UGC NET/SET/JRF Paper II – English, an effective handbook for NET, SET and various University entrance exams such as cucet and slew, is a panacea for students appearing in those exams. This edition has been prepared after close examination of previous years’ papers to understand the pattern. It provides comprehensive content to save the readers’ time with effective learning methodology. This is based on the latest syllabus and all the efforts have been made to enlist each important topic. This book aims to provide crisp literary facts and information relevant to the latest examination pattern and syllabus. featuresincludes article on nep policy 2020 assessments include - mock tests, stopover questions, trending questions Solved 2020 papers also provided
  • Author Vineet Pandey
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 1 .  Subject : English Literature
 2 .  Author : Vineet Pandey
 3 .  Print length : 392 Pages
 4 .  Language : English
 5 .  Publisher : Pearson
 6 .  Publication date : 27 February 2021
 7 .  ISBN-10 : 9390531144
 8 .  ISBN-13 : 978-9390531141
 9 . Item Weight : 1 kg 170 g
 10 . Dimensions : 25.4 x 20.3 x 1.2 cm
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